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Millionaire Real Estate Investor SHOCKS the real estate industry by GUARANTEEING MILLION DOLLAR SUCCESS...

"I'm Looking for a Select Number of Go-Getters Who Want to Learn the Exact Same Steps of How I Went From A Stay-At-Home Mom, Living Paycheck-To-Paycheck, To A Multi-Million Dollar Income In Less Than 14 Months - By Following A Simple, Yet Brilliant, Real Estate Investing System That Can Help YOU TOO, Escape The Daily Rat Race... And Live The Life Of Your Dreams!"


Introducing "My Never Before Offered, Probably Never Offered Again" Real Estate Wealth Online Coaching Program....Even if you have terrible credit and not a clue how to invest in real estate and make real money... this amazing program will take you from A to Z and equip you with everything you need to know to make an absolute killing...FAST!


dfsdf My name is Charrissa Cawley and I have some incredible information to share with you, Information that is critical to your accelerated real estate investing success.

Maybe you don’t know anything about me… if not, I’ll be brief so we can get back to the subject at hand. But I do want to tell you how this all began, so that you'll understand that I'm definitely no different from anyone else out there... In fact, the system I created is incredibly easy to follow... and if you really want to... you can do this too...

The decision to get into the business of real estate investing was a critical one for me. A critical decision that would forever change my life.

At that time I made that critical decision, I was a 30 year old stay-at-home-mom, running a home based business and living paycheck to paycheck...

I desperately wanted a way out... a way to escape the rat race and the grind... a way to do something more fulfilling... a way to succeed, at something!

I longed for financial freedom... wanted it bad... and often pulled my hair out searching for the best path to True Financial Freedom...I was tired of the all the scams out there and longed for A Real Business that would change my financial status once and for all!

Outside of the '9 to 5' Job, There Had To Be A Better Way to Become Wealthy!

It was frustrating though, I admit it.  I often experienced real pain trying to find that perfect avenue that I could pursue and make a difference in mine and my family's lives. I wanted true financial independence, and I believed it existed. Somewhere and somehow I was going to find it! I longed to find not only true financial independence, but Freedom to do with my time as I chose!

Just like you, I'm sure, I read every book, listened to every tape and CD out there, attended every seminar I could and kept searching for that “one” avenue to mega success...

I got turned on to Real Estate Investing and started going to every seminar I could attend on the subject. I purchased every book/tape and CD or DVD out there, listened to every instructor I could find and still lacked the confidence or the specific knowledge I needed for taking action!

I felt as if all of these "Gurus" were giving me just enough to make me want more, but NOT enough to equip or empower me to become a successful investor. I needed ALL the pieces of the puzzle to be successful, not just a few of them. It was then I ran into someone who worked "behind the scenes" who told me something I couldn't believe...

Here's the SAD truth about those "Real Estate Gurus" Out There, Most Have Never Bought or Sold More than A Handful of Properties in Their Entire Life !

What I quickly learned after spending thousands of dollars over the course of seven years at those events, was that the same guys were  always giving me just enough to want more-they would dangle the carrot in front of my face just one more time to see if I would bite…and I soon discovered through my own trial and error, blood sweat and tears, that I knew a whole heck of a lot more than those so-called "gurus".

All I got was a lot of fluff and puff, but no concrete System that had all of the pieces I needed and could follow... nothing I could wrap my arms around... nothing to own as mine... nothing that got me out of bed in the morning all pumped and excited...I was convinced! Nothing existed!

As you can imagine, after being through this numerous times, I just did not feel confident about pursuing it and actually executing anything because even after spending thousands and thousands of dollars, I STILL lacked a proven system or method that I could follow to make money in the world of real estate investing!

My stay-at-home mom days and running a home business was taking its toll on me and I needed a proven method I could follow... and I need it sooner rather than later!

The paycheck-to-paycheck days had gotten out of hand and I was, well to be quite frank, sick of it!  I was ready, ready to make something happen and ready to change my life and my financial future, no matter what price I had to pay to get there.

The Critical Decision That Allowed Me To Escape The Rat Race, End The Frustration And Change The Rest Of My Life!

One day just a few short years back, I decided to Finally TAKE ACTION and made a decision to TAKE A CHANCE at the real estate investing game. That one decision that changed everything!  I made my first investment property purchase for $36,000 in St. Louis, Missouri using none of my own money, but money I had borrowed on a home equity loan.

I rehabbed the house with borrowed funds and shortly after that purchase, I put over $30,000 into my pocket from that one purchase! Talk about lighting my fire! This first check for $30,000 did just that! I had never made $30,000 in one transaction. However, from this point forward, I knew I had found my calling. At the age of 30, I had finally figured out what I wanted to be when I grew up!

You tell me, would over $30,000 deposited in your bank account in one pop get you extremely excited?

Soon more checks came...$4,925.00...$16,947.76...here's a copy of a check, this time for $19,679.57...


Another One of My Checks...$19,679.57 from One Deal

I’ve now been a full time real estate investor for four and a half years now, yet many people in our industry think of me as an “overnight success”  because of what I achieved my first full time year in the business-I was worth over 2 million dollars after only being in the business for one year.”  But let me share something with you. It took years of attempts until I finally figured it out and Then, my earnings soared through the sky. This business is not a get rich quick scheme and it certainly is no lottery ticket, but let me tell you this, 2 million dollars is nothing to sneeze when you consider the Return on my Investment of my time. I don’t know of any other job or industry out there that could pay me like this one!

By The End Of My First Year Of Investing, I Was Worth
Over 2 Million Dollars!

And when you have an opportunity like the one being offered to you right here where you have a chance to learn from a Multimillionaire who has not only “Been there and Done It”, but is still out there in the “Real Estate Trenches” every single day doing what she loves best, You had better latch on and ride the wave of opportunity

After a mega successful first year in the business, I knew from that point forward that I had done something right, so I started to track the things I did right and the things I did wrong and create my own method for succeeding to share with others that had not figured it out yet. Since that time, I’ve honed and sharpened my strategies to a razor sharp edge.

$100,958.08 Made in One MONTH - All from Real Estate!
(Whoever is out there saying the bubble is bursting obviously isn't looking in the right places!)

My most important goal every day is to duplicate that same level of success, again and again and teach you to do the same! Let me teach you the system that changed my entire life! 

I am Rock Solid Proof that with this system I can achieve all of my wildest goals and dreams. I want the same for you. I know financial abundance is just around the corner for every person that is armed with the knowledge and goes after it!  I knew that all you have to do is duplicate this method over and over... and rake in the cash during the process!

I've RESCUED more people away from those Real Estate Gurus than I Care to Count!

I guess you could say I get even more motivated, even more excited and even more enthusiastic about real estate investing as the months fly by! Time flies when you are doing something you love, let me tell you!   

All because of this tremendous System I had created, I was a bona fide millionaire! And guess what…I have not turned back since!

I went from a paycheck-to-paycheck, struggler... to a millionaire in one year!


Today...$155,522.86 Pure Profit from ONE Real Estate Deal

Can you do this too?  YOU CAN! And I'm ready to GUARANTEE it!

Here's How You Can Work with Me...
And Escape The Rat Race Yourself!

It's a proven fact...more millionaires have been created through real estate then any other wealth-building vehicle. When I began teaching, I was so turned off by the number of "charlatans" in the real estate education industry that I wanted to create the best online coaching program, backed by years of experience and a "This Is How I Did It, and How You Can Do it Too" feel!

So if you would like to be "hand held", whether or not you are a seasoned investor or newbie, I am opening my doors to my new "Real Estate Wealth" Inner Circle and Online Training Center, the likes of which may never be offered again!

I'm going to show you how you can use my Real Estate Inner Circle and Online Training Center so that you can:



Quit your 9-5 job in a matter of months and work from home doing something you love!



Enjoy and Live the life you've always dreamed of: one full of total freedom to do with your time as you wish...(This is Priceless-Trust me!)



Afford the things you've always wanted: houses, cars and family vacations!

Real Estate is the best return on the investment of ANY type of money or time.  I will walk you through this and provide you with every tool and or resource you need to be successful!

So Here's My Real Estate Wealth
Online Coaching Program and Training Center
in a Nutshell...

Here's what it entails...

ONE MONTH EXCLUSIVE ACCESS TO MY CLOSED DOOR MEMBERSHIP SITE ($1,500 value) -- You get access to my latest real estate research and data. When you're in the trenches you need the "Unfair Advantage" over all Real Estate Investors. My many years of applying this system is proven.  The hard research, countless hours, trial and error and good old fashioned “hard work” have been done for you already...if you do continue as a member of our Innner Circle Program Membership Site you will get to continue at a bargain basement rate of $97 per month.

MY STEP-BY-STEP REAL ESTATE MILLIONAIRE BLUEPRINT ($4,000 value) -- If you're ready to hop onto the Fast Track to Wealth, nothing will be ever as exhaustive and as detailed as my blueprint...here's just a sample of what will be covered. No other Real Estate teacher will ever go in depth as much as we do in my membership site.

sdfsdf    What YOU MUST KNOW to Build REAL wealth through real estate investing

sdfsdf    "Killer" Negotiation Skills to Get the Right Deal Every Time

sdfsdf    How I Locate Property on the Internet with Free and Cheap Websites

sdfsd    My Fool-Proof Method for Finding the "Diamonds in the Rough" Properties

sdfsdf    A Specific Action Plan for Success

sdfd    Where to Get the Money even if You Have Horrible Credit

sdfsdf    Big Secrets & Tips & Special Insights

Plus, way-way more (too much to even list)!!

REAL ESTATE WEALTH TRAINING SCREENCAM VIDEOS ($9,000 value) -- 90% of the work I do is in front of my home computer. I've created special screen capture videos that is almost like you are "Looking Over My Shoulder" on how I build wealth every day...you'll discover all the details of my real estate business that I've never revealed before...this is only for my Real Estate Online Coaching Members!!!

MEMBERS ONLY COACHING CALLS ($6,000 value) -- Each you get to interact and you get exclusive biweekly Q & A Calls Each . Ask me anything you want...I want to make sure all your questions answered...Each call will be recorded and transcribed to be made available only to my Real Estate Wealth Members. I don't want to leave anybody behind!

But Don't Take My Word for It...Here's Just a Sampling of Some of The Testimonials and Results of My Students...

"I have participated in many other training programs and in such a short period of time you have taught me more than I have learned in 2 years!"  

T. Surma, Phoenix, AZ

"This system is jam packed with valuable information that helped me feel confident enough to put in several offers on property that is in a different state than where I live."  

M. Pitta, Scarsdale, NY

"The thing I love about your system is the systemized checklists for RE investing. The formulas you give for how to come up with the numbers to see if we have a 'good buy' or a 'good bye' is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! Thank you!"  

J. Nanney, St. Louis, MO

"Hi Charrissa, You really did it this time!!!  It is about time someone in our industry revealed a product that leaves no stone unturned!  This program will put any newbie or upcoming investor to the forefront. Thanks so much for sharing!"

L. Hunter,  Little Rock, AR

"Hi Charrissa, Excellent! You've proved yourself once again. I've seen your previous program, but this System is the BEST. You don't realize it but you are helping thousands of people. I have absolutely no hesitation in saying that this system is the best out there! You Rock!

J. Michaels,  Tampa, FL

"Hi Charrissa!

You cover everything anyone needs to know to get their real estate investing business up and making money in a very short time. And that is only the beginning! I really appreciate the fact that this product was everything you promised and then still yet overdelivered-that is such a rare thing in this industry! Thank you!"

M. Littleton, Detroit, MI

Hi Charrissa! You went above and beyond with this training system. I love how you overdeliver! Thanks for being so generous and sharing with your knowledge and resources and really giving us new investors all of the pieces of the puzzle to play with the big dogs of real estate! We appreciate you more than you know!

T. Aarons and Family, Austin, TX

"I would like to say that I have been very impressed with your program and all you have personally accomplished in the last few years. I feel that it is also really great to see a real woman of faith and integrity in this business, and particularly one who is more interested in the success of her students than in increasing her bottom line by providing only partial information and then trying to up-sell her students every time they turn around. Keep up the great work!"

-Larry Kann


Finally... a Proven Real Estate Wealth Building Program For
All Different Levels Of Investors... Including Newbies!

It does not matter if you are a seasoned veteran, or a brand new beginner, this program can change your entire life forever! You can learn at your own pace, or dive right in to the topics you need to make a killing in real estate.

With this business the sky is the limit.  Anything is possible... It depends on how high you want to reach! My motto is “Shoot for the Stars-Anything is possible!”

Serious investors can literally write their own tickets with this business.  It depends on you and if you are willing to apply these methods and take action!

You Are Now in Charge of Your Financial Path.

Look: This business has transformed my life - as well as the lives of many of my students from all across the country...in My Real Estate Coaching Program You Get Complete "In the Trenches" Experiences and Real World Methods...

And I think I am qualified to make this statement... there is no better Real Estate Investing Online Program on the market that compares... not even a close second to what you are getting with this program!

There is no fluff or filler, over the time we are working together I do not cut any corners, and leaves nothing out!

It is extensive and thoroughly comprehensive, with everything you could ever need to build a thriving business that pulls in serious revenue!

If a blueprint system that takes you from A to Z that covers everything you could ever need, is what you are looking for, then you have found it! 

The foundation of my teachings and principles are strictly based on what I currently do on a day-to-day basis!  You will not hear anything from me or my team that we have not personally used or done ourselves, period!

Here's what My Real Estate Wealth Online Coaching Program is ABOUT:

It IS ABOUT teaching you the REAL real estate strategies that flat-out work.

It IS ABOUT utilizing Systems to create multiple streams of income and generate a full sustainable real estate business providing ly cash flow and provide financial freedom to you and your family.

It IS ABOUT taking you to the next level and me working hard with you to help you achieve your financial goals.

And I'm Ready to Proclaim This...

This Will Be the Most Intensive Real Estate Training Program on the Planet!

I'm so tired of seeing all these "Wannabe Real Estate" Experts out there trying to shill their latest program...with NO CREDIBILITY and worst of all NO EXPERIENCE.

If you are ready to build wealth and learn from someone with a PROVEN TRACK RECORD than I invite you on this "Once in a Lifetime Opportunity".

NOWHERE else on this planet will you find such an extensive wealth building coaching programthat is proven, solid, and actually works!

So let's get down to it...how much is it going to cost?

Due to my track record, I would say that if you do the exact tasks I say, listen to all the teleseminars and video, and apply my teaching if you do not make SIX TIMES the investment then I'll refund you the cost of the entire program.

However, I am so sure that I will put you on the road to wealth I am offering this guarantee.

So if you are ready to get started...reserve your membership today! Here's a sneak peak at what's inside!

However, I am so sure that I will put you on the road to wealth
I am offering this guarantee.

So if you are ready to get started...reserve your membership today!

Here's a sneak peak at what's inside!



Yes Charrissa! I Want to Join You on My Fast Track to Wealth! I understand by joining today as a member of your Real Estate Wealth Program I will Receive the Following...

- 1 month Access to Your Exclusive Membership Site. I have the option to continue with a monthly membership fee of just $97

- Biweekly members-only calls ($6,000 value)

- Step By Step Real Estate Wealth Blueprint ($4,000 value)

- Real Estate Wealth Training Look Over Your Shoulders Video ($9,000 value)

That's over $21,000 of value in investing in your real estate education and your future - yours today!

30 Day Trial for $1.00
(You may only do the $1 trial once)

As the 30 day $1.00 trial period ends, if you want to continue, do nothing. At that point we will enroll you in a full membership and charge a $97 monthly fee to your credit card or paypal account. We're hoping you will love the site and resources available to you as a member and want you to be a lifetime member of the fastest growing real estate investment community online! However, you may certainly cancel at anytime, if you choose to do so!

There is no obligation which makes it completely risk free for you!

You will be charged $97 a month for this option and it includes access to all 10,000 pages in addition to all of the forms, resources, recordings and bi-montly live mastermind calls with Charrissa directly. You may cancel your membership to our site at any time.


Contact Us


To your success,


PS I am limiting members to make sure I give my students the utmost attention -- I would hate for you to miss out. So be sure to order today if this is right for you.

PS Once I have filled my limit that is it. Act today to ensure your place in this "Once in a Lifetime" Program!

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